Special Status Students

Special Status Students

The field of students with special status (SSS) at the FA includes two groups of students, who are eligible for special status during the study.

  • The first group includes athletes or artists or cultural workers who have achieved visible results in their respective field of activity.

  • The second group includes students with special needs (SSN) or long-term injuries, disorders, deficits or problems that make their full and efficient integration in the execution of the study courses difficult.  

Mission and Vision
The Faculty of Administration provides for the development of this field, researches domestic and international practice, transfers the findings to raise the general public awareness, and educates and trains university teachers to adapt teaching and SSN on their professional path.

In public we act as the initiator of campaigns to promote equal opportunities and inclusive education. We search for examples of good practice and transfer the findings to raise the general public awareness.

“Students with special needs need different adaptations during their study process and in the academic environment, because they face barriers, which prevent or hinder their full and efficient integration and cooperation in the study process.”

Students with Special Needs

The Faculty of Administration treats students with special needs exemplarily. Discussion and equal treatment are the keys to a pleasant well-being of all of our students, regardless of their life situation.

Student Athletes and Artists

We understand our athletes and cultural worker students and support them in the development of their talents by granting them a special status, thus adding our piece to their mosaic to success.


The students with special status are looking forward to your help and guidance.