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Partners in CEEPUS network:

  1. SLOVENIA: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Public Administration (Coordinator), contact: Marija Sušnik:
  2. CROATIA: University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, contact: Marko Donadič:
  3. CROATIA: University of Split, Faculty of Economics, contact: Danijela Coppola:
  4. CROATIA: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics, contact dr. sc. Darko Prebežac:
  5. CROATIA: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, contact dr. Đana Luša:
  6. SERBIA: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, contact: Bojana Ivanović: ;;
  7. MACEDONIA: St. Kliment Ohridski University, Bitola, contact:
  8. POLAND: University of Wroclaw, Institute of Political Science, contact: Dr Michał Kuś: ; ;
  9. CZECH REPUBLIC: Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Business and Economics and Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, contact:;
  10. SLOVAKIA: Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Economics, contact: Ing., PhD. Vanda Maráková
  11. ROMANIA: National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (Bucharest), contact: Professor, Ph.D. Adriana Grigorescu,

Network mobility requirements for students

•full-time student status at a higher education institution in the home country;
•two completed semesters;
•citizenship of a CEEPUS country;
•support of the network coordinator at the home institution;
•undergraduate students can apply for one semester or


•Find the institution at which you wish to study
Apply for mobility (register at CEEPUS web site). Get the required documents signed by the home and host units at the respective universities you are attending.

Special features of CEEPUS grants

•applicants may not receive a grant to study in their home country;
•the duration of the study period is between 1 and 10 months for undergraduate and postgraduate students;
•students (undergraduates or postgraduates) working on their thesis may apply for a 1 month period;
•the study period may be extended once, but may not be longer than 10 months in total;
•all CEEPUS applications are to be submitted on-line via

Application deadlines

For the autumn semester: 15 June
For the spring semester - intra-network mobility: 15 November
For the spring semester - freemover mobility: 30 November

For further information please contact Coordinator of International CEEPUS Network of Administration, Economics and Organizational Sciences: Marija Sušnik ( or consult the central website of the CEEPUS programme.


The CEEPUS partner countries provide the funding for the programme. Students receive their CEEPUS grant from the host country therefore the amount is tailored according to local standards. In general, the financial support includes the grant amount and in some CEEPUS countries accommodation and social security provisions. In addition, CEEPUS students are exempt from tuition fees.

You can find all scholarschiprates here:

More information on website: