1615 Labour Relations, Civil Servants and Social Security Relations

1615 Labour Relations, Civil Servants and Social Security Relations

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1st Cycle
  • 2nd year
  • 6 ECTS
  • Course type: Core
  • Lectures: 45
  • Tutorial: 30
  • Other forms of study: 45
  • Individual work: 60
  • Lecturer: Valentina Franca, PhD



1. Objectives and competences



  • to provide students with knowledge about the legal system, legal subsystems and about the legal position of civil servants,
  • to inform students about the frames of legal acts of internal legal system as well as international legal regulations of the topics of labour law, social security and the legal position of civil servants,
  • to enable students to understand the meaning and possibilities of use of judicature and legal resources.


  • students will be acquainted with the legal system and the place and the role of subsystems of labour law, legal regulations of the civil servants as well as social security subsystem,
  • they will be able to analyse the role and meaning of legal regulations and possibilities of their use in practice,
  • they will be able to perform simple research of some legal questions in the legal areas mentioned above.


2. Content

  • Introduction to the labour law, the law regulating civil servants legal position and social security law.
  • Relations to other legal areas
  • Labour and social relations and the constitution.
  • Employment procedure of employees and civil servants.
  • Employment contract.
  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of employed persons and employers as well as the protection of their rights.
  • Collective labour relations.
  • Special rules about the legal position of public servants.
  • Social security system and principles of the social security system.
  • Social insurances.
  • Social protection.

3. Readings


    • Uvod v delovno pravo, pravo javnih uslužbencev in pravo socialne varnosti.
    • Razmerja do drugih pravnih področij.
    • Delovna in socialna razmerja in ustava.
    • Zaposlovanje delavcev in javnih uslužbencev.
    • Pogodba o zaposlitvi.
    • Pravice, obveznosti in odgovornosti zaposlenih oseb in delodajalcev ter varstvo njihovih pravic.
    • Kolektivna delovna razmerja.
    • Sistem in načela uslužbenskega prava.
    • Opredelitev javnih uslužbencev in funkcionarjev.
    • Posebnosti pri zaposlovanju javnih uslužbencev.
    • Napredovanje in nagrajevanje javnih uslužbencev.
    • Temeljne značilnosti obveznih socialnih zavarovanj in socialnega varstva.


    4. Intended learning outcomes


    Knowledge and understanding:

    • understanding of the constitutional bases of legal regulation of labour and social relations as well as the legal position of civil servants,
    • knowledge and skills of stipulating of contracts
    • of labour law and of procedures concerning the termination of the employment contracts,
    • understanding of the system of individual and collective rights of the employees and civil servants,
    • knowledge about the differences between the legal regulation of the labour relations of persons employed in private sector and the public sector,
    • basic knowledge of regulations about social security, knowledge about use of these regulations and of principles in these area.

    5. Learning and teaching methods

    • Lecture
    • Tutorials
    • E-learning
    • Discussion
    • Case study

    6. Assessment

    • Written or oral exam, which has to be positive (at least 50 %) (60%)
    • Written tasks (longer and shorter) and active participation (40%)