Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

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The Basketball Team of the Faculty of Administration has been shaping the top of the University Basketball League for several years.

Join the workout and training and contribute your knowledge and energy to the success of our team!

In Basketball We Are Among the Best

Hey, FA student! Are you a photography enthusiast and are you furiously taking photos of motifs that interest you? Present us your work. 

You can arrange it with the leader of the photo section to organise an exhibition. If the collection of photographs is not big enough, quickly join the section meeting and go hunting for motifs.

Organise Your Own Exhibition

If you have a way with words, then the Debate Club meetings are perfect for you. They meet once a week and polish their rhetoric skills.

The faculty now traditionally organises an international debating tournament. A pleasant international atmosphere, which you can also be a part of.

The Debaters Have Been Our Pride for Several Years
Photography Section

Learning from our own mistakes is always the easiest. We bring our photos with us, evaluate them and try to determine whether they could be better and how to achieve that.  

Debate Club

The debate is the ideal method for developing comprehension, use and integration of knowledge and problem solving. It helps to renovate and modernise lessons, to interdisciplinary integrate and improve information literacy.

Case Study

The case study proceeds also in the form of domestic and international competitions. It involves the solving of a real event, which includes a decision, a challenge, an opportunity or a problem which a person or a group of people in a specific organisation encounter.


The objective of the section is visible placings in the University Basketball League and visible placings in the international tournaments.



The futsal championship is talked about more and more every year and builds on the recognisability of individual faculties, as sports results are a recurring theme of students’ conversations in their leisure time.


The volleyball group invites you to join us.