1643 Business Communication in German Language

1643 Business Communication in German Language

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1nd Cycle
  • 2nd or 3th year
  • 6 ECTS
  • Course type: Elective
  • Lectures: 30
  • Other forms of study: 90
  • Individual work: 60
  • Lecturer: Margit Horvath


1. Objectives and competences


  • students learn how to address foreign business partners in accordance with the code of business practice in German speaking countries ;
  • students develop competences to make small talk in German;
  • to help students to develop the skills for welcoming visitors in accordance with the business meeting etiquette;
  • students develop competences to deliver a quality oral presentation of a company (departments, field of work and responsibilities) in German;
  • to help students develop the skills for writing e-mail messages (invitation, apology, reservation, etc.) in German;
  • to help students develop the skills for basic conversation on the phone in various  business situations.

Students are able to …

  • use the essential business language with German speaking customers in different standard business situations;
  • show competence in reading / listening business German at elementary level;
  • show basic business German writing skills;
  • use the phone in business situations at basic level;
  • use online sources for lifelong learning of German.

2. Content

  • Making contact, introductions
  • Visitor reception (small talk)
  • Offering help and giving information
  • Company presentation
  • Structure and departments
  • Presentation of a working place (fields of work and responsibilities)
  • Invitation to a business appointment
  • Using the phone: making appointments
  • Changing arrangements
  • Business correspondence
  • Business trips (trade fair visit)
  • Dealing with complaints

3. Readings

  • Obvezna literatura in viri (typical textbooks and readings):
  • Margit Horvath, Poslovna komunikacija v nemščini, (študijsko gradivo)
  • Dvojezični spletni slovar: na www.pons.si
  • Dodatna literatura in viri:
  • Tuji (spletni) viri in časopisni članki
  • Katerakoli slovnica nemškega jezika

4. Intended learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • use basic grammatical and functional stuctures relevant for business language;
  • use the elementary vocabulary and terminology of business language in spoken and written discourse;
  • comunicate in basic situations of business life;
  • use adequate vocabulary to present basic pieces of information of a company
  • use adequate elementary terminology of business language to describe working tasks and responsibilities
  • translate  elementary terminology of business language in Slovene language

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • student preparations for tutorials (e-learning)
  • tutorials
  • intercurricural collaboration
  • seminar work with oral presentation

6. Assessment

  • written anf/or oral exam (if necessary) (60%)
  • regular coursework (10 %)
  • active class participation (5%)
  • presentation and written report (15%)
  • test (10%)