Student Tutoring for Foreign Students

Student tutorship for foreign students

Student tutorship for foreign students provides assistance to foreign students in overcoming cultural shock and adapting to the new environment after coming to Slovenia on an exchange. Foreign students usually need help with organising priority matters such as: accommodation, obtaining a student card and monthly bus ticket. During their studies in Slovenia they are faced with cultural differences (different habits, language, people), which may affect their study success. Student tutors usually help them become integrated into the Slovenian environment, overcome homesickness and settle certain administrative matters.

Who can be a student tutor for foreign students?

In order to tutor foreign students, a student tutor must be enrolled in at least the second year of an individual programme at the relevant cycle of the study programmes in the current academic year, must have an average mark of at least 7 in the studies in that programme so far, and actively master English. In the selection process, students who demonstrate the knowledge of other foreign languages as well and have been on an exchange outside of Slovenia are given priority; of these, special priority is given to those with a higher average mark in their studies so far. 
The chosen student must attend training for student tutors, organised by the Faculty, prior to the start of the work or the study.

Character Traits and Other Knowledge of a Student Tutor for Foreign Students

When selecting a student tutor for foreign students it is very important that the student has a positive attitude towards tutor work and foreign cultures. Communication with individuals from other cultural circles requires the ability to understand and accept different habits and values. A tutor must know how to empathise with the problems of others, know how to set the boundaries in communication during tutor work and know how to communicate in a foreign language.

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