Prof. dr. Mehmet S. Tosun's lectures

Prof. dr. Mehmet S. Tosun's lectures

02. March, 2020

Kindly invited to attend prof. dr. Mehmet S. Tosun lectures at our faculty.

Osnove ekonomije (Tuesday, 3. 3., 10:10-11:45)
1. "Demand, Supply and Price Determination in the Market"

In this lecture, the lecturer will focus on market equilibrium and price determination in the market. The lecure will also touch up on elasticity and give an example from how taxes affect the markets using the equilibrium and elasticity concepts.

Temeljne politike EU  (Tuesday, 3. 3., 15:40-18:55)
2. "Tax Policy and Fiscal Federalism in the U.S. and Europe"

This lecture will be a little higher level overview and discussion on tax policy and fiscal decentralization in the U.S. One point will be that the U.S. has a more decentralized fiscal structure than Europe and that there are important implications of high degree of decentralization, both good and bad.

3. Population Aging and the Economy
This lecture will be based on demographic differences between U.S., Europe and other parts of the world, and different government responses.