"The lectures featured a lot of interaction between professors and students"

"The lectures featured a lot of interaction between professors and students"

12. junij, 2013

Our Faculty hosts also students from Ceepus program. The application deadline for the program is getting closer and if you are still thinking of whether you should apply or not maybe this interview with Teodora from Belgrade, who was a Ceepus student at the Facultly of Administraion will change your mind.

Why did you decide to attend Ceepus course at the Faculty of Administration in Ljubljana?

I was looking for a place which is unknown to me and my coordinator from Serbia suggested to go to Ljubljana with the Ceepus program because the Faculty of Organizational Sciences has had good relations and some very positive previous experiences with the Faculty of Administration.

How did you feel in Ljubljana? What do you think about our faculty?

Hmm … I met really nice people and spent a lot of time with all those amazing international students so that it was maybe the best time of my life. We had lots of fun studying, travelling and spending our free time with each other. Even though I haven’t spent as much time together with the professors, I had a good overall experience with them. They are really open-minded and are willing to help us out anytime explaining things and making them clear to us. The lectures featured a lot of interaction between professors and students and I really enjoyed it.

What are your future plans, where are you planning to develop your career? Will this international experience help you?

In the near future, I would like to apply for master studies in a foreign country. I am currently thinking about going to the US, namely Los Angeles, or some European country, maybe Ljubljana again. It depends on where I can get the best fit in order to pursue my career in the future.

Definitely … I got a lot of experience in foreign surroundings and gained knowledge not only in the field I am studying in but also in other areas. For instance, I chose the course ‘European integration’ because I thought that I am lacking some knowledge in this field since it is not related to my major. Therefore I chose this course in order to have a better understanding in this subject and to broaden my horizon.

Was this your first time in Slovenia? Would you recommend also to someone else to study here, why?

Yes, it has been my first visit to Slovenia and that was actually also one of the reasons I chose to go here. I haven’t had the chance to visit this country yet. I already recommended this country to some of my friends and one of them got accepted for an exchange in Kranj. Slovenia is a very small country but this is what makes it so special. In less than two hours you can go pretty much anywhere. Offering one of the most diverse landscapes, you can go to the mountains for a hike, swim in the ocean on the small but beautiful Slovenian coast or enjoy the countryside and its wine regions. Above all, I recommend the small but charming capital city of Ljubljana. Student life here has been very pleasant and I spent a lot of time with the other exchange students eating out and enjoying our freetime together all around the city. Comparing Ljubljana to Belgrade I noticed that I lose a lot of time going from A to B by public transport in Belgrade as I usually have lots of obligations and I am not seeing my friends for days … That’s  the advantage of small towns. Shorter distances and a much more personal atmosphere!

You joined our basketball team during your stay. Any success? Was is hard to connect with other players, what is you experience?

Signing up for the basketball team was the first thing I did when I got to the faculty. I saw a notice displayed on a board about it and I sent an e-mail to the coach asking him if I could join the team. My teammates accepted as a member of the team right away and I was really enjoying their company. They are one good collective consisting of good players, good students and good friends. And they have the best coach ever. Five of us were playing in the “Majske igre” tournament and received the bronze medal. :) That was truly a nice way to say bye, bye to Slovenia.

Bye, bye Teodora and thank you for spending time with us!