"In Ljubljana I will get a different perspective and new knowledge"

"In Ljubljana I will get a different perspective and new knowledge"

05. april, 2013

This week we are hosting a group of students from Belgrade. They are studying on a joint masters programe "Management in Administration" which is a result of cooperation between the Faculty of Administration University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Belgrade. We took this chance to have a chat with one of the students, Matija Bogdanović, a 27-year old from Belgrade, Serbia. 

Why did you decide to study on this joint master programme?

As a student of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and an employee of the Investment Agency of town Belgrade which is a part of public sector I wanted to upgrade my knowledge in the field of management in public sector and this programme is perfect for me. One of the main advantages of the programme is also cooperation with Facutly of Administration in Ljubljana where I will get a different perspective and knowledge that I can use later on.

What are your future plans, how will this programme help you develop your career?

This programme will help me a lot, since the knowledge given by the professors from Slovenia is sometimes not available in my country. This will be an experience that will help me a lot in the future business relations.

How do you feel here? What do you think about our faculty?

I like it a lot. The infrastructure of the Faculty is great. I have a great opinion about the profesors and the lectures are interesting. I am enthusiatically absorbing knowledge I will need in the future.

Would you recommend to someone to study here, why?

Definitely. And I will, to my fellow students, friends. I am also very active in town council where I meet a lot people from different parts of public sector. I will take any chance to suggest them to take this knowledge that will help them perform better in their positions.  

Is an international component in your studies important? Why?

Of course. Slovenia is in the EU and I can get some knowledge from this perspective or experience. This will be important for me since Serbia is on a path towards the EU. This might help me also to get a perspective job position once Serbia enters it.

How would you invite Slovene students to come to Belgrade as a part of this joint master course?

I think our faculty has great conditions for studying and is among best in Belgrade. Also life in Belgrade is great, the standard of living is good, especially if you compare it to the rest of the region. Studying in Belgrade is a new experience and that is what you need to get most out of your studies.

Matija, thank you and have a great time in Ljubljana!