"Erasmus was one funny story and an amazing memory"

"Erasmus was one funny story and an amazing memory"

05. maj, 2013

Petra Dlouhá, a 24 years old student from Slovakia studied at the Faculty od Administration as an Erasmus student. She kindly answered a few of our questions.

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Why did you decide to attend Erasmus course at the Faculty of Administration in Ljubljana?

To tell you the truth the main reason, why I decided to study in Ljubljana for my Erasmus was that only this University had separate faculty for administration and that is my field of study and I am really interested in it. I have also heard a lot of good references for this faculty from professors and students. I believed that I may get deeper and more practical knowledge of some subjects, which are being taught at this faculty, which I have.  

How did you feel in Ljubljana? What do you think about our faculty?

I had and amazing time in Ljubljana. I met a lot of great and kind people. Ljubljana is a beautiful city, where you can always find something new to explore and enjoy. I loved the square, the bridges, the river and everything that is in Ljubljana. The faculty was really like a family to me, it was smaller than my faculty at home and it was very modern and well repaired. The professors at the faculty were friendly and willing to explain us everything that we did not understand. They were trying to create good atmosphere during the lectures.

What are your future plans, where are you planning to develop your career? Will this Erasmus experience help you?

My future plan is to find a job which will fulfill my expectations and where I will be able to show what is in me and what I am able to achieve. I will probably find my job somewhere abroad from my country, because I would like to use my language skills and gain some more experience with working in the group with foreigners. Erasmus experience helped me for sure. It gave me broader view on some topics, I met great people who maybe I will cooperate with in the future. I also started to think more practically through preparing some projects at the University during Erasmus.

Was this your first time in Slovenia? Would you recommend also to someone else to study here, why?

Yes, it was my first time in Slovenia and I loved it. I recommended Slovenia to my friends and family to see. My parents and my boyfriend even came to Ljubljana to see if it is really so beautiful as I described. There are so many things to see in Slovenia, like caves, city of Piran, Lake Bled and many other attractions. I travelled a lot around Slovenia with my Erasmus friends. I would recommend to everyone to study in Ljubljana because I liked the relationship between professor and student, the way of teaching and the willingness of all school members to help with your problem, even the front men were really helpful.  

Can you maybe give us a funny anecdote that happened while you were in Slovenia or a funny story, or just a nice memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life?

It is so hard to pick one, I have so many nice memories and funny stories that happened during my Erasmus. Because of this question I even wrote to my Erasmus friends to suggest something, but we all agreed that our Erasmus was one funny story and an amazing memory. My Erasmus was fabulous and I am really pleased that I could experience it at your faculty. Thank you. :)


Petra, thank YOU! ;)