Career Opportunities Office

Career Point

The path to our desired career starts as soon as we start thinking about what we want to do in our lives, what interests us and excites us and what we are best at.

The Career Point operates within the Faculty and aids students in their study and professional development, guides students on their study path and in their preparation for entering the labour market. For students of the Faculty we organise various workshops, seminars, lectures and round tables that are important for career development, free of charge. Students receive the material, certificate of attendance and a questionnaire.



Every Thursday, 7.30 - 15.30

Cabinet 209, Career Advisor Mrs Tina Kozic Kolšek

Why should one even start to work on a career, why devote time and attention to a CAREER?

There are several reasons to build a career: money, enjoying your work, advancing up the hierarchy, constant challenges, personal growth and so forth. The reasons for you to work on your career are as clear as day.

It is best if you define the goals and what you wish to do in life at the very beginning of your career path. Define what it is that truly interests you. Take the time and think about what you wish to do for a living. In order to make it through one's studies and later on have a career it is important that you posses not only willpower, but reason as well, i.e. the ability to think abstractly, logically. It is essential that you direct your willpower towards a goal: successful studies, a good starting point for career and success. Now is the time for you to become educated, to develop your talents, to gain experience with contests, competitions, student practice placement (internship) and internship, extracurricular activities, to move in the right circles, where you get to know your potential colleagues and employers.

Undoubtedly, you can think of many other things you could do right away as a big step on the path towards building your career. Do not hesitate. Someone else is already building a career, while you are not!

The Faculty offers additional education and training also at the Consulting-Training Centre