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All in One Place

The Faculty uses modern technology and increases the range of functionalities with support of Studis platform.
Studis allows a student to access data and various services.


Move the Body and Brain in Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities enrich the study and are aimed at the personal development of students, which can benefit you on your future career path. At the same time they enable a closer cooperation with professors, assistants and technical experts. They also enable the spreading of the social network.

Become Active!

Extracurricular Activities

Help on the Spot

The path towards the desired career starts when we begin to think about what we would like to do in life, what makes us happy and enthusiastic, and what we are best at.

The Career Point, which helps students in their academic and professional development, directs students on their study path and prepares them for the entry on the job market, operates within the Faculty.


Career Point helps you begin building your career
Undergraduate Studies

View all undergraduate programmes implemented at the Faculty of Administration.


Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate programmes in one place. From the academic year 2013/2014 onward the Master’s Programme in Administration will be entirely in English for the first time.


Price Lists and Advancement Prerequisities

To enter a new academic year conditions have to be met and liabilities have to be paid. See which.


Thesis and Dissertation

How to correctly put the final touch on my studies?


Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities meaningfully complement and enrich the study at the Faculty and are primarily focused on the acquisition of skills and personal development of the students, which can be helpful on your future career path.



Help your student colleagues and become a tutor!


Special Status Students

We are a Faculty that can listen to your specific needs and life situations.


Career Opportunities Office

A Career Point, which helps students in their academic and professional development, operates within the Faculty.


Student Council

Through the Student Council students can participate in Faculty bodies, give their opinions, suggestions and comments, so that their voice is present always and everywhere.


Student Organisation

The Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana is an organisation of the self-management group of students at individual higher education institutions of the University of Ljubljana.