Research Institute of the Faculty of Public Administration

Research Institute of the Faculty of Public Administration


Within the Institute we carry out research, developmental and academic work in the field of administration as interdisciplinary subjects and sciences. The FA Institute acquires and organises research, provides the theoretical bases for preparing of general acts and decisions by central government bodies, local community bodies and other public law entities and provides expect opinion on the application and interpretation of legal acts in the Republic of Slovenia and the EU.

The Institute is also the main source of knowledge in the field of informatization of public administration and e-government in Slovenia. We explore and seek new paths for creative use of information and communication technologies in the government with developing solutions for more efficient and easier administration.

The Institute also focuses on the study of the public sector and public service industries using the tools of economics and economic policy, business and organizational and managerial sciences and management sciences with a view to improving the efficiency of its operations. The activity of the Institute is focused on scientific research, expert and advisory work, and education in the public sector and public service industries in Slovenia and abroad.

The Institute's main contents are focused on:

•    researching and winning research projects in the field of business and management studies in the public sector at home and abroad;

•    co-operation with other scientific and research organisations in joint research and other projects in the field of public sector;

•    professional co-operation with similar institutions and centres in Slovenia and abroad in the field of public sector;

•    integration and participation in joint organisational networks established by the institutions engaged in research of the functioning of the public sector abroad;

•    consulting to the public sector institutions and public service companies;

•    consulting to state bodies and local community bodies on the organisation and functioning of the public sector;

•    consulting to independent professional agencies on efficient functioning of public service companies and public institutions.