Diploma Thesis

Diploma Thesis

  • Study programme and level: University degree programme Public sector governance 1st Cycle
  • 3rd year
  • 10 ECTS
  • Course type: Core
  • Other forms of study: 5
  • Individual work: 295
  • Lecturer: Teachers at the study programme



Enrolment in the third academic year and completed at least 130 ECTS.

1. Objectives and competences


  • Initiating independent student scientific research and professional work, which displays their ability to critically deal with and discuss the selected topic.
  • Student displays the ability to either prove or disprove the stated thesis, their ability to select and use the appropriate primary sources and professional literature and  the ability to argue the findings of their thesis. 


  • ability to recognise problems;
  • ability to use a variety of theoretical concepts and methodological principles in dealing with the selected problems;
  • ability to use knowledge acquired during study;
  • ability to search for, obtain, analyse and synthesise the sources and literature;
  • ability of critical thinking and arguing in favour and against the use of a certain concept, theory or empirical principle;
  • ability to master methodological principles;
  • ability to plan research, organise work and manage time;
  • ability to synthesise research results and findings;
  • ability to publicly present research findings in an argumentative discussion.

2. Content

  • Preparation of disposition and title of diploma thesis in agreement with the mentor and based on the availability of topics announced.
  • Identifying, searching, collecting, studying of Slovene and foreign literature and sources with preparation of theoretical part.
  • Conducting the research and preparation of research part.
  • Reporting on research results and preparation of findings, suggestions for improvements, conclusions.
  • Continuous communication and cooperation with mentor.
  • Public defence of diploma thesis.

3. Readings

  • The selection of literature is in accordance with the selected topic.
  • Regulations on diploma and master thesis of the Faculty of Administration.

4. Intended learning outcomes

Student will:

  • recognise problem, find and study relevant sources and literature and obtain information to perform research;
  • be able to choose relevant research method, conduct research and critically report on results;
  • be able to cooperate with mentor and other stakeholders;
  • be able to demonstrate the obtained knowledge;
  • be able to structure and edit a lengthy text with modern IT tools;
  • be able to orally present main research findings;
  • be able to use methodological principles and use appropriate scientific research work methods.

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • Individual work under mentorship.
  • Consultations with mentor.

6. Assessment

  • Diploma thesis with defence (100%)