832 Language And Style of Business and Administrative Communication

832 Language and Style of Business and Administrative Communication

  • Study programme and level: University degree programme Public sector governance 1st Cycle
  • 2nd or 3rd year
  • 6 ECTS
  • Course type: Elective
  • Lectures: 20
  • Other forms of study: 70
  • Individual work: 90
  • Lecturer: Monika Kalin Golob, PhD


1. Objectives and competences


  • To  be familiar with standard language and to use the acquired knowledge in text production
  • To be able to produce business and administrative texts
  • To acquire stylistic competences in the field of specialised communication
  • Competence in using language manuals and language sources


  • Students will be able to produce business and administrative texts; they will be acquainted with the modern language manuals and resources; they will be able to use adequate language and style in oral as well as in written communication in their field of study.

2. Content

The course offers a broader linguistic and cultural normative perspective of the contemporary Slovenian standard language and more specific insight into the text-linguistics of business and administrative texts. In the first part of the course, students will gain the required linguistic competences. They will be trained to use the linguistic resources and to correct linguistic errors in their own texts. In the second part of the course, they will be trained to recognise and use the style and patterns of different types of business and administrative texts. Both parts will combine theoretical and practical approaches to linguistic work with relevant texts.


  • Language culture as theory and practice
  • Norm and codification of the Slovene language
  • Language manuals and resources
  • Issues in spelling and grammar
  • Textual and stylistic features of business and administrative language
  • Oral and written types of business and administrative language: text analysis and text production

3. Readings

  • Kalin Golob, Monika: Jezikovnokulturni pristop h knjižni slovenščini. Ljubljana, FDV, 2007.
  • Kalin Golob, Monika: O dopisih. Ljubljana: GV Založba, 2001.
  • Toporišič, Jože: Slovenska slovnica. Četrta, prenovljena in razširjena izdaja. Obzorja, Maribor, 2000.
  • Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika. DZS. Ljubljana, 1994.
  • Slovenski pravopis. Izdala SAZU in ZRC SAZU. Založba ZRC. Ljubljana, 2001.

4. Intended learning outcomes

Independent and efficient production of business and administrative texts

5. Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, tutorial, coursework and assignments. Before the final exam students should obtain a pass grade for the following assignments: min. three written texts and a short oral presentation

6. Assessment

  • Written exam (70%)
  • coursework and active class participation (30%)

Written exam (45 minutes): 4 essay questions, followed by a text correction exercise