University Study Programme in Public Sector Governance

University Study Programme in Public sector governance - 1st Cycle

The university study programme in Public sector governance enables students to acquire the theoretical, methodological and research knowledge that is required for continuing their studies in the 2nd cycle, and at the same time provides them with practical knowledge and the competence for practical work. It is dedicated to educating experts for the broadest range of posts in public and business administration, i.e. in the entire public sector, ranging from national administration, broader public administration and public companies to private companies, particularly those that do a great deal of cooperating with the public sector. The university study programme in Public sector governance is interdisciplinary in nature and offers in-depth knowledge of administration, law, economics, organisation and information science, the necessary theoretical, methodological and research knowledge needed for understanding the functioning of public and business administration for the purpose of the continuation of studies at the second cycle.

  • Duration of Study

 The study programme lasts 3 years (6 semesters) and includes 180 ECTS credit points.

  • Professional Title

Bachelor of Science in Administrative Sciences (UNI) (abbreviation: B.Sc. (Administrative Sciences) (UNI))

  • Implementation Method

Full-time study is carried out at the seat of the Faculty for the entire scope of the prescribed study hours. In the case of full-time study the study process takes place in the form of lectures, practical classes and seminars. The aim of the lectures is to familiarise students with the theoretical foundations of the courses and demonstrate the application in practice. Practical classes are intended to consolidate the basic knowledge and discuss practical examples in greater detail.

The organized forms of study will be supplemented with IT-support (e-learning) in some subjects. Full time study is organized at the faculty premises in Ljubljana. The study programme is performed on condition that at least 40 candidates enrol in the course. If fewer than 40 candidates enrol, the faculty may decide not to conduct the particular part of the study program.

  • Goal of the study programme

The goal of the study programme is to educate and qualify the students for the following:

  1. Understanding the political, social, and cultural framework in which the administration in Slovenian and abroad operates.
  2. Critical thinking and analytical problem resolution and independent research work.
  3. Further, 2nd and 3rd cycle education or familiarisation with learning as a lifelong process.
  4. Performing work and executing tasks in the field of planning, organising, managing, and supervising public administration organisations.
  • Graduate’s general competencies:

The ability to analyse, synthesise, and foresee solutions and consequences of occurrences.
Mastering research methods and procedures and processes in the field of social sciences, and a development of critical and self-critical assessment in the field of social sciences.
Development of communication abilities and skills.
Ability to use the knowledge of administration, organisation, economy, and informatics in practice.
Autonomy in technical work and in making business decisions.
Ethical considerations and commitment to professional ethics in public administration.

  • Subject-specific graduate’s competencies:

Understanding and employing critical analysis and theory development, and their use in resolving specific concrete technical issues.
Development of skills and abilities in using knowledge in individual technical fields.
Knowledge and understanding of the science of administration, law, management, economy, informatics, and administration organisation.
Ability to search for new information on administration, law, economy, organisation, and informatics in literature and practice, and the ability to employ it.
Ability to resolve concrete technical issued by employing scientific methods and procedures.
Using information and communications technology and information systems.

  • International comparable programmes:

The university study programme Administration is directly comparable to study programmes focused on the field of public management sector. They can be found throughout the world and represent a very wide range of programmes in a multitude of study programmes aimed towards public sector research, operation, and management.

  1. ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY, ABERDEEN BUSINESS SCHOOL – Scotland, United Kingdom; more information.

Curriculum 2020/2021