659 Human Resources Management in Public Sector

659 Human Resources Management in Public Sector

  •   Study programme and level: University degree programme Administration 1nd Cycle
  • 2nd year
  • 7 ECTS
  • Course type: Core
  • Lectures: 60
  • Tutorial: 30
  • Individual work: 120
  • Lecturer: Mihael Brejc, PhD


1. Objectives and competences


  • understands the importance of human resource management area for the functioning of public administration
  • testing different methods and techniques of HRM
  • develop the skills of promotion and application of knowledge in this subject area in public administration.


  • ability to understand different HRM models in the organization
  • ability to design a HRM model in a particular organization of public administration
  • content methods and techniques of HRM.

2. Content

  • Introducing HRM
  • HRM in public sector
  • Ethics in public sector
  • Core prosesses and functions
  • ICT and HRM
  • Determinig HR requirements in public sector, attracting and selecting HR
  • Work Performance
  • Trainig and Developing HR
  • Employee motivation
  • Health and safety
  • Safety and Health at Work
  • Managing HR and HR in a changing world

3. Readings

  • Bach, S.: Managing Human resources, Blackwell Publishing, Malden 2005
  • Boxall, P.,Purcell,J. Wright, P.: Human resource management, Oxford university press 2007
  • Brejc, M.: Ljudje in organizacija v javni upravi, 2.dopolnjena izdaja, Fakulteta za upravo, Ljubljana 2004
  • Forsyth, P.: How to motivate people, Kogan page, London 2006
  • Fromm, E: Imeti in biti, Vale Novak Ljubljana 2004

4. Intended learning outcomes

The student understands the importance of human resource management in public administration and the unique position of public servants. He knows and understands the theory behind the field of human resources.

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • lecture
  • practical work
  • e-learning

6. Assessment

written (and / or oral) examination, may be conducted with two term examinations (both positive)  (100%)