627 German Language for Specific Purposes

627 German Language for Specific Purposes

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1st Cycle
  • 1st year
  • 7 ECTS
  • Course type: Core
  • Tutorial: 75
  • Other forms of study: 30
  • Individual work: 105
  • Lecturer: Margit Horvath


1. Objectives and competences

Student is able to ...

  • compare our higher education system with the system in Germany
  • list the adventages of student mobility
  • address foreign business partners in accordance   with the code of German business practice and make conversation in business language
  • separate formal speech from informal speech
  • choose specific vocabulary in various business occasions on the phone
  • write e-mail messages for different occasions
  • explain our system of local self-government
  • analyse and compare Slovenia with other EU-member States according to certain criteria

Student is able to …

  • communicate with German speaking customers in various occasions in public administration at basic level (e.g. at the registration office)
  • use business language and administration-related basic terms at basic level
  • read and listen texts of specific administration-related language at basic level
  • use the phone in business situations and write business letters/e-mail messages at basic level
  • find online different sources in German
  • use online sources for lifelong learning of a foreign language

2. Content

  • Higher Education System in Slovenia and Germany, student exchange
  • Facts about Slovenia and its political system (comparison with EU member states)
  • Public administration and division of powers (representatives)
  • Local self-government (urban municipalities, structure and tasks)
  • Local elections (elections of a mayor)
  • Presentation of a home town/municipality (problems and solutions)
  • Code of business practice in German-speaking countries
  • Receiving a business partner
  • Invitation to a business appointment  (refusal, apology)
  • Using the phone in business situations and writing business letters and e-mail messages (making appointments, confirming, postponing or cancelling meetings) 
  • Communication between a civil servant and a client: drivers´ license checks, issuing of identity cards, registration of addresses, renewing passports
  • European states, nationalities and languages
  • Visa and a stay permit for a job-seeker from a third country (non-member EU state)

3. Readings

  • Margit Horvath, Deutsch I für Studenten der Fakultät für Verwaltung, Fakulteta za upravo, 2005, 188 str.
  • www.pons.si
  • www.kaleidos.de – prispevki o različnih temah, 100 str.

4. Intended learning outcomes

Student gains or widens the knowledge of general German and basic business language as well as specific public administration-related terminology.

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • Practical work
  • E-learning (moodle)
  • Short presentations
  • Webquest (online survey), presentation
  • Written report

6. Assessment

  • coursework and active class participation (15%)
  • presentation/written report (10%)
  • tests (15%)
  • written exam and oral exam (if necessary) (60%)