626 English 1

626 English 1

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1st Cycle
  • 1st year
  • 7 ECTS
  • Course type: Core
  • Tutorial: 75
  • Other forms of study: 30
  • Individual work: 105
  • Lecturer: Manica Danko, MA in TESOL


1. Objectives and competences


  • improve their linguistic and communicative skills.
  • understand oral and written texts in the field of administrative and managerial science.
  • create written and oral texts in the context of their future job in administration.
  • expand and use basic vocabulary in the field of administrative and managerial science.
  •  take part in the discussion.
  • be able to promote their opinion on different tpics.
  • use grammatical structures appropriate to the register.
  • be able to find information on the Internet and report on it using English.
  • create their presentation on a familiar topic in English.

Students acquire:

  • ability for written and spoken intercourse in every-day study and professional situations.
  • ability to use aids (IT technology) searching for resources in English.
  • skills for using professional literature in English.
  • ability to lgain new knowledhe using English.
  • positive attitude and tolearnce   towards the speakers of foreign languages and cultural differences.
  • earn English in the process of life-long learning.
  • ability to work in team.

2. Content

  • Student of administration
  • Word formation
  • State administration and public administration
  • Številke
  • Legal terminology
  • UK civil service code
  • Modalnost
  • Municipality and administrative unit
  • Letter writing
  • Waste management
  • Constitution
  • Elections
  • Reading strategies
  • Citizenship
  • Government
  • Legislation
  • Courts and human rights
  • Modal verbs of obligation
  • Parliamentary system
  • EU facts, history, institutions
  • Career in public administration (CV writing)

3. Readings

  • DANKO, Manica, ZAVAŠNIK ARČNIK, Mihaela. English for administration graduates. 2. ponatis. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za upravo, 2014. 106 str.
  • EASTWOOD, J. Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate. Oxford University Press. 2008.
  • PATERSON, K., WEDGE, R. Oxford Grammar for EAP: English Grammar and Practice for Academic Purposes. Oxford University Press. 2013.
  • Poskusno angleško študijsko gradivo za študente.
  • Spletni slovarji./Online dictionaries.
  • EVROTERM - večjezična terminološka zbirka. Dostopna na spletu.

4. Intended learning outcomes

Student consolidates their general English and acquires new vocabulary in the field of administrative sicence. English is used in every-day professional context at home and abroad. It is a useful tool for constructing new knowledge in study and work.

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • langauge classes
  • e-learning

6. Assessment

  • group presentation (10 %)
  • e-learning (15 %)
  • mid-term test (15 %)
  • written exam (60 %)