621 Legislative Regulation of Public Administration

621 Legislative Regulation of Public Administration

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1st Cycle
  • 1st year
  • 8 ECTS
  • Course type: Core
  • Lectures: 60
  • Tutorial: 30
  • Other forms of study: 30
  • Individual work: 120
  • Lecturer: Iztok Rakar, PhD


1. Objectives and competences


  • understands the role of public administration in public governance and specifics of administrative science
  • knows basic legal regulation of constituent parts of public administration and wider public sector
  • uses knowledge to interconnect principles and rules in praxis
  • solves easier issues that occur in daily operation of public administration


  • to know and to understand the foundation and development of administrative science
  • to understand the elements and structure of public administration and wider public sector
  • to find and use information on legal regulation of public administration
  • to recognize, analyse and solve easier practical issues

2. Content

  • Basic terms (state administration, public administration, public sector, governance)
  • Administrative science as interdisciplinary science
  • Development of administrative science
  • Theories of public administration
  • Political theories and public administration
  • Government
  • State administration
  • Indirect administration (public authorities, privatisation of public tasks)
  • Local self-government
  • Public services
  • Public servants
  • Control of public administration

3. Readings

  • Rakar, Iztok, Tičar, Bojan (2017): Pravo javne uprave. Fakulteta za upravo, Ljubljana, izbrana poglavja, cca. 266 strani.
  • Virant, Gregor (2009): Javna uprava. Fakulteta za upravo, Ljubljana, cca. 50 str.
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  • Peters, G. B., Pierre, J. (eds.) (2014): The SAGE Handbook of public administration (2nd ed.), SAGE Publications Ltd., izbrana poglavja, cca. 30 str.
  • Massey, A., Johnston, K. (eds.) (2014): The international handbook of public administration and governance,     Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, izbrana poglavja, cca. 20 str.

4. Intended learning outcomes


  • will know foundamentals of administrative science
  • will uderstand elements, sctructure an role of public administration and wider public sector
  • will be able to use theoretical knowledge to solve easier practical issues

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • lecture
  • practical work
  • e-learning
  • case study
  • debate

6. Assessment

  • Case study (20%)
  • Written and/or oral exam (80%)