857 Environmental Management

857 Environmental management

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1nd Cycle
  • 2nd or 3th year
  • 6 ECTS
  • Course type: Elective
  • Lectures: 20
  • Other forms of study: 70
  • Individual work: 90
  • Lecturer: Dušan Blaganje, MSc


1. Objectives and competences

The aims:

  • student understands the complexity of environmental protection and its connection to other fields and resolves individual environmental administrative matters according to disciplinary rules
  • student as a representative of a business party, of an authority or public body in the field of environmental protection applies complex legal rules in assessing the facts and decision making
  • student executes particular actions within normative, planning and  administrative procedures in environmental matters


  • student combines the legal framework of spatial planning, environmental protection and nature conservation and places it into practice by correct acting in various situations
  • student uses environmental data bases, reads environmental reports and assesses existing and planned real and legal states in the environment
  • student executes particular organisational and process activities in environmental procedures
  • student conducts and decides in strategic environmental impact assessment procedures
  • student conducts and decides in environmental administrative procedures

2. Content

  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • Techniques of environmental protection
  • Global actions for environmental protection
  • Environmental protection in the Acquis c.
  • International environmental treaties
  • Slovene environmental law
  • Soil protection
  • Water protection
  • Air protection
  • Waste management
  • Energy and natural resources management
  • Environmental management – ISO 14001 & EMAS
  • Environmental protection in spatial planning
  • Environmental protection in development planning
  • Environmental administrative procedures

3. Readings

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  • European Union. European Commission. Directorate-General for Environment (2012). 3 x 3 good reasons for EMAS.

4. Intended learning outcomes


  • knows, understands and implements in practice the legal framework and professional rules environmental protection;
  • understands the interconnection of environmental protection, spatial and development planning and their EU and domestic legal framework and applies the rules in various activities, roles and situations;
  • understands and applies the rules of environmental law in normative, planning and administrative procedures. 

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • lectures
  • e-learning

6. Assessment

  • written exam (100%)