750 Administrative and Legal Internal Affers

750 Administrative and Legal Internal Affers

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1nd Cycle
  • 3th year
  • 6 ECTS
  • Course type: Elective
  • Lectures: 15
  • Individual work: 165
  • Lecturer: Dušan Štrus, PhD


1. Objectives and competences

The general aim of the course:

  • to acquaint students and enable them to obtain basic knowledge in the content of internal affairs
  • enable students to interpret and explain the knowledge in understanding and solving questions connected with single institutes of administrative internal affairs
  • enable students to gain practical knowledge through tutorials, field work and work practice.

Course specific competence:

  • ability to transfer obtained knowledge from the area of administrative internal affairs into practice
  • ability to recognize and analyze problems from the area of administrative internal affairs and design suggestions for their solutions
  • ability to understand comparative legal organization of the administrative internal affairs area
  • ability to find information regarding the area of administrative internal affairs and use of gained informations
  • shaping of communication skills in expert and layman environment

2. Content

  • Administrative law of internal affairs (general findings and emphasis)
  • Rights of an individual and their protection in the area of internal affairs
  • Area of freedom, security and justice (establishment of balance)
  • Individuals personal status (citizenship, personal name, residence-domicil and register – records of personal status)
  • Problems of migration and international law
  • Asylum system, asylum law and international protection of refugees
  • Protection, surveillance and control of outer borders of the European Union (security-schengen, duty and inspection aspect)
  • Right of assembly and association
  • Transparency of State administration work an protection of secrecy

3. Readings

  • Slavko Debelak, Slobodan Rakočevič: Upravnopravne notranje zadeve, Fakulteta za upravo, 2008 (314 strani)
  • Predsedovanje Slovenije Svetu EU na področju notranjih zadev, Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve, 2008 (84 strani)
  • Nina Gregori: Stališča Slovenije do ključnih vprašanj Stockholmskega programa, Dnevi slovenske uprave 2009, Portorož ( 13 strani)
  • Ivan Bizjak: Kako državljanom približati prednosti, ki jim prinaša evropsko območje svobode, varnosti in pravice, Dnevi slovenske uprave 2009, Portorož (17 strani)
  • Terlouw B. Ashley: Asylum Procedure-the Academic Perspective, On the Protection of Refuge in the Central European and the Baltic States, UHCR, 1998 (izbrana poglavja 37. strani)

4. Intended learning outcomes

Student gains competences which enable him a wider and expert identification in understanding administrative internal affairs. He understand the importance of the relation between an individual and the state with the emphasis on the rights of an individual, his obligations and duties.

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials including field work
  • Presentation of cases from practice

6. Assessment

  • Written exam (100%)