744 Practicum: Data Management

744 Practicum: Data Management

  • Study programme and level: Professional degree programme Administration 1nd Cycle
  • 2nd or 3th year
  • 6 ECTS
  • Course type: Elective
  • Lectures: 15
  • Individual work: 165
  • Lecturer: Ljupčo Todorovski, PhD, Mitja Dečman, PhD


1. Objectives and competences

Objectives – student:

  • understands and able to use basic approaches to modeling data for database storage
  • able to apply software tools for database management in practice
  • understands and able to apply methods and tools for querying and analytical processing of data
  • able to apply software tools for Web dissemination and presentation of data stored in a database
  • discovers and apply the principles of Web presentations for presenting data
  • breaks down and analyze Web sites


  • ability to use information and communication technology for acquiring, processing, and disseminating data and information
  • ability to design, analyze, and upgrade information systems

2. Content

  • The impact of information technology on the process of gathering, analysis and presenting data and information
  • Crafting and implementing entity-relationship data models
  • Query languages for accessing and analysing data (SQL, QBE, and OLAP)
  • Practical exercises of building simple databases and formulating queries for accessing and analysing stored data
  • Introducing Web technologies and Web presentation approaches
  • Mark-up languages for presenting data on the Web (HTML and XML)
  • Practical implementation of simple Web presentations of data

3. Readings

  • Dečman, M (2006) Računalniški praktikum: gradivo za vaje. Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za upravo, Ljubljana. 69.str.
  • Kovačič, A, Vintar, M (1994) Načrtovanje in gradnja informacijskih sistemov. Državna založba Slovenije, Ljubljana. Izbrana poglavja, 50 str.
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  • Kroenke, D, Auer, D (2007) Database Concepts. Prentice Hall, Boston, ZDA. Izbrana poglavja, 150 str.

4. Intended learning outcomes

  • Knowledge about and the ability to use practical approaches to modeling data for database storage
  • Knowledge about and ability to use office software tools and database management tools
  • Ability to design and implement simple databases and analytically process stored data
  • Knowledge about and use of principles of Web presentation of data and information

5. Learning and teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Exams in computer classroom
  • E-learning
  • Individual work and tutorship

6. Assessment

  • Practical exam (60%)
  • Oral exam (40%)