Study Full Time

Study Full Time

Why Study at the Faculty of Public Administration?

There are many reasons. One of the most important ones is that the Faculty offers useful knowledge in the fields of administration, law, economy and information technologies, which will help you become an important part of private and public organisations.

If you have a business idea, our state-of-the-art knowledge can help you upgrade it into something big. Dare to do more.

We Are the Best in the Field of Public Administration in Slovenia

Competition in the market of knowledge has lately become very tight. The Faculty of Public Administration bets on its quality. We can confidently state that our knowledge in the fields of administrative sciences is of the highest quality in Slovenia, and one of the best in the region. Why?

  • We are a member of the biggest and best university in Slovenia – the University of Ljubljana, which is one of the best universities in the world. A degree from our university is recognized and respected.
  • We are the faculty withthe longest tradition of development of the administrative science, as we have been operating since 1956. Slovenian public and business administrations are more efficient and more user-friendly because of us.
  • Our programmes are the only ones in Slovenia withinternational accreditationAccreditation, and there are only 16 other institutions worldwide that have programmes with such accreditation. The accreditation is a guarantee for quality and modernity.  
  • Among comparable faculties we have the widest network of international partnerships, which enable the exchange of knowledge, educators and students. You can participate in international exchanges and summer schools.

Modern Facilities, Modern Equipment

If you choose to study at our Faculty, you will be greeted by a modern and bright building, which will give you a warm feeling, and a big campus of the faculties in Bežigrad will give you the feeling of diverse activities and possibilities. We offer our students:

  • a specialised libraryin the field of administrative science with the possibility of access to all libraries of the UL and international databases,
  • around 100 computers, which can be used for working on every day, and wireless access to the World Wide Web anywhere at the Faculty,
  • a modern learning environment and a well-maintained infrastructure.

Because You Will Never Be Only a Number

Particularly current students and graduates would be able to tell you that students feel very good here. You are not only a number here; we are proud of:

  • a friendly student-affairs’ office, which will ensure that the study runs smoothly and that the rules are clear, and procedures fair,
  • numerous extracurricular activities, which will give you the opportunity to connect,
  • the possibility of cooperating with our scientists in various research and professional projects,
  • the opportunity of establishing a personal contact with teachers and adapting the learning process to extraordinary life situations,
  • special treatment of the best,
  • a wide international network of partnerships,which enable international exchanges.

Master's in Administration entirely in English 



Undergraduate Studies

The Faculty of Administration provides modern undergraduate study programmes, i.e. two university programmes and one higher education programme. We invite you to study them carefully and let us know if you have any additional questions.


Postgraduate Studies

Enrol in the Master’s Programme in Administration, which has the renowned international accreditation EAPAA; also available are international programmes, which we have prepared in cooperation with our partners.



The enrolment procedure can be a pleasant task. Read the procedures, forms and deadlines you must not miss.


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