Admission Process

Admission process

The faculty Postgraduate Studies Committee determines the requirements for each candidate on a case-by-case basis that the candidate must fulfill before enrollment upon transferring to the new program, and determines which year the candidate can transfer into.

If the number of applicants to the master's degree programme considerably surpasses the number of open positions or the faculty's capacity (staff, spatial, equipment, etc.), the Faculty of Public Administration, in line with Article 41 of the Higher Education Act, may limit admissions.

Here the following criteria will be considered: past academic performance at the undergraduate level: (average grade - 25%, bachelor's thesis - 25%) + elective exam - 50%.

There is no difference between regular and part-time students with regard to the conditions and recognition of credits; similarly, there is no discrimination based on sex or ethnicity. There are also no special restrictions on applications from the disabled.