Common sense and flexible approaches are crucial for a higher efficiency

Common sense and flexible approaches are crucial for a higher efficiency

30. August, 2013

dr. Gregor VirantSecond day of the 16th Toulon Verona Conference the minister of interior and also a lecturer at the Faculty of Administration dr. Gregor Virant held a keynote speech at the plenary session.

In his speech he presented the development of the Slovene public administration. The crucial transformation begun in the year 1999. Slovene government decided to change its functioning following some basic principles of debureaucratization, simplification of procedures and putting the needs of the citizens in the prime spot.

“There was much done in the past 14 years. We simplified processes at the administrative units, where day to day documentation is being processed. We established an efficient e-government portal, also tax reporting is simplified to the very basics,” explained dr. Virant adding that there is still a long way to go. “Improving efficiency in public services does not mean investing a lot of money, but usually using common sense and flexible approaches. Positive outcome of higher efficiency can be measured in millions of euros,” he concluded.

The conference was successful, participants listened to 30 presentations. Among these 6 researchers from the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana presented their work.



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