New Year’s wish from the Dean of the Faculty of Administration

New Year’s wish from the Dean of the Faculty of Administration

11. December, 2013

Dear All, 

Yet another year is drawing to a close, and another one is upon us and with it time, when we remember the wonderful things, wish each other much good and try to leave behind that, which caused us worry.

The Faculty of Administration has a year behind it, where it successfully completed a number of set goals. With satisfaction we remember the 20th anniversary of the Days of Slovenian Public Administration, the students’ happy smiles during   our first international summer school, the successful completion of the e-learning project, the hosting of valued experts from the field, cooperation with partners in various projects, the high profile expert discussions and last but not least the fact, that we have a team of employees , whose ideas and will also made it come true.

All of this fills us with optimism for 2014. We lay our hopes in quality for which we strive with every step, and in cooperation with all of you, because only this leads us on to a common goal for the good of the entire community. In the coming year I wish you every success and a lot of personal happiness , above all, much warmth and joy in this Christmas-New Year period.

Happy New Year 2014!

Janez Stare, PhD, Assist. Prof.