Klaus Staeck - Nothing is done

Klaus Staeck - Nothing is done

07. May, 2013

Faculty of Administration is in coopeation with Goethe Institute in Ljubljana hosting an exhibition from Klaus Staeck - Nothing is done. The exhibition was already hosting in Maribor as a part of European Capital of Culture, now we are taking it closer to public in Ljubljana.

As described on the EPK Maribor website the poster exhibition Nothing is done. presents a representative cross-section of forty years of tireless provocation, agitation and admonition, as well as relentless belief in critical thinking and artistic enlightenment. Staeck stresses themes such as climate change, global warming, nuclear waste, air and marine pollution.

Some of his oldest environmental posters from the 1970s seem more relevant than ever – a fact which is both fascinating and incredibly disturbing at the same time. In the words of the artist, “many themes won’t grow old even after decades”.

Staeck (*1938–) is the President of the Academy of Arts Berlin and one of the most important German poster artists. He began his creative endeavours in the 1970s.

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