"Quality does not just happen on its own"

"Quality does not just happen on its own"

29. August, 2013

dr. Alex DouglasOver 60 professionals in the field of management of quality in services are participating on a 16th Touloun Verona Conference at the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana.

The Toulon-Verona Conference is the longest running conference without interruption on Excellence in Services. Over the years, the conference has expanded its scope, welcomed hundreds of delegates and published well over a thousand research papers.

"Faculty of Administration is a perfect place for such a meeting"
At the opening session the dean of the Faculty of Administration, prof. Stanka Setnikar Cankar expressed a warm welcome to the participants and assured that this conference will leave a significant impact in the scientific field.

"Faculty of Administration is a perfect place for such a meeting, since one of the main values of our organisation is providing quality service. Giving this value to our students we try to influence our public and private administrations in a positive way," she said and added that the main proofs of our efforts to achieve excelency are a renowned EAPPA accreditation for 1st and 2nd cycle of studies and of course noumerous contributions at the different scientific conferences and gatherings abroad, where we try to influence also the development of administrative science in general.

"The interest of the booming economies for quality is rapidly growing"
A keynote speaker of the opening was dr. Alex Douglas from the University of Liverpool, an editor of the TQM Journal, a global scientific jorunal with a 25 years old tradition. According to the readership statistics he emphasised the fact that the interest for quality in service is not only reaffirming in the west but is also rapidly growing in the new booming markets of India, China, Brasil, Africa. "These markets are well aware of the fact that they need to achieve better quality of their products and services to compete more efficiently in the global markets," dr. Douglas told the conference participants in his presentation.

Among other things, he also described the key factors in delivering good quality. "Quality does not just happen on its own. First you need a good human resources management as a foundation of every good service and second including professionals for quality when trying to upgrade the processes and products of the organisation is an absolute neccessity. This can not be done by amateurs, but by people with certain qualifications," he stressed.

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Foto: Mitja Kandare