New CEPAR issue 1/2020 is published online

New CEPAR issue 1/2020 is published online

24. April, 2020

New CEPAR issue 1/2020 is published online as of today, with 10 original articles as listed below. For more, see:

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Issue 1/2020:

1.       Access to the Highest Administrative Courts: between the Right of an Individual to Have a Case Heard and the Right of a Court to Hear Selected Cases Wojciech Piątek

2.       Judicial Review of Administrative Action at National Level under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and General Principles of EU Law Mihaela Vrabie

3.       The Ne Bis In Idem Principle in Tax Law: European and Italian Frameworks Stefania Lotito Fedele

4.       Understanding Differences between Equal Public Governance Models Mirko Pečarič

5.       Public Administration Reform in Bulgaria: Top-down and Externally-driven Approach Emilia Zankina

6.       The Role of Public Governance Practices for Business R&D Activity in the EU Dejan Ravšelj, Sabina Hodžić

7.       Efficiency of Medical Laboratories after Quality Standard Introduction: Trend Analysis of EU Countries and Case Study from Slovenia Nejc Lamovšek, Maja Klun

8.       The ‘Silent Guardians’ in the Fight against Corruption: The Case of North Macedonia Emilija Tudjarovska Gjorgjievska

9.       The EU’s Consular Protection Policy from the Administrative Law Perspective Erzsébet Csatlós

10.   Arbitration in Administrative Affairs: The Enlargement Scope of Ratione Materiae in Portugal Marta Portocarrero