Living in Ljubljana

Living in Ljubljana

Useful information:

  • Currency: The official currency in Slovenia is Euro. Banks and exchange offices don't charge special commissions. Major credit cards and debit cards (e.g. Maestro) are widely accepted and ATM's are easily found.
  • Time: CEST (GMT+1)
  • Country phone code: +386
  • Weather: You can check some basic weather prognosis for Slovenia here.
  • Climate: The climate in Ljubljana is Central European, but is also subject to the influences of warm air from the Adriatic and cold air from the Alps. The average temperature is around 4°C in the winter and around 22°C in the summer. The daytime temperature in the summer is usually 30°C.
  • Language: The official language in Slovenia is Slovenian. A large number of inhabitants also speak English, German or Italian.
  • People: Slovenia has a population of 2 million, of which 83.1% (2002 census) are Slovenes. In Slovenia there are also two national minority communities of Italians and Hungarians.
  • Religion: The majority of Slovenes (almost 60%) are Roman Catholics, although there are around 38 other religious communities, spiritual groups, societies and associations registered in Slovenia.
  • General tourist information on Slovenia 
  • Ljubljana - places to eat:
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Student organization ŠOU

International office through different kind of activities provide assistance to Slovenian students interested in studies, work placement abroad as well as international students in Ljubljana. ŠOU provides help regarding subsidized student meals, student identity cards and takes care of student social life – weekly meetings, workshops, trips, dinners, parties, visits, sport activities etc. ŠOU also assist students in finding private accommodation by providing some contacts for private accommodation.

Contact information:

ŠOU Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Working hours: Monday-Thursday 12.00 – 15.00
International office:
Student organization ŠOU

Subsidised student meals

All students with student card are entitled to subsidised meals in most restaurants around Ljubljana.
Each student can use as many subsidies as there is working days in a month (app.20 per month).
In order to be able to use these subsidies, you need to have a student card or your enrolment certificate, your ID/passport and your mobile phone (with slovenian sim card).
Here you can find the pricelists of students meal in Ljubljana: Students food

Student card:

  • exchange students at the Faulty of Administration coming through Erasmus and other exchange program will receive student card during Orientation days.

Student Health Center of University of Ljubljana

If you have questions about health care or problems while you are living in Ljubljana, Student Health Center is here to help.

Aškerčeva cesta 4, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Tel.: + 386 1 200 74 25
Fax: + 386 1 252 78 80


University of Ljubljana does not guarantee accommodation. However, there are some options that you can use to find your own accommodation:

Temporary accommodation

On the web page is the list of hostels in Ljubljana, where you can book a room for the first week/month of your stay in Ljubljana and during that time you will be able to look for private accommodation by yourself. Student dormitories Erasmus students can apply for a bed in student dormitories. They are given to students on “first come first serve” basis. The rooms are double, with shared bathroom and shared kitchen. The access to internet is available in all the dormitories. The price of the room depends on the type of the apartment and size of the room. The average price per person per month in a double room is 80-90 EUR.

HOW TO APPLY: fill in the Information on Housing in the online application by 15 May (first semester and full year) or 15 November (second semester)

Private accommodation

The Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana will help you find private accommodation after your arrival to Ljubljana. Before your departure please book yourself a hostel for the first few nights. After the arrival, visit the International Office of the Student Organization (Kersnikova 4, office hours MON - FRI: 12 am – 3 pm). They will provide you with some addresses which you will visit and decide about taking the room or not. All available accommodation is located within the public transportation zone. You may check in advance the following web pages:;

HOW TO APPLY: fill in the Information on Housing in the online application by 15 May (first semester and full year) or 15 November (second semester)


Housing Anywhere platform

We would like to inform you about new platform at University of Ljubljana that could be useful for your searching where to stay in Slovenia. It is a housing platform on which you can find a room in a private apartment or in a student residence to stay during your Summer school. It works on the principle student-to-student. It is easy to use, a good opportunity to live with Slovenian students and to get to know their way of life, culture, habits.