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Call for enrolment 2020/2021


Call for enrolment 2020/2021

Information day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVlmQv8ox08

All information: e-mail us: podiplomski@fu.uni-lj.si

Application Procedure, Deadline and Enrolment

Candidates are required to submit their application via the online EvŠ portal by 20 September 2020

The final deadline for submission of supporting documents is 20 September 2020, by registered mail to the Faculty of Public Administration or to the email address podiplomski@fu.uni-lj.si.

Enrolment documents

1. Completed and signed enrollment application from eVŠ web portal

2. Certified copy of graduate or postgraduate degree certificate

3. Graduate and postgraduate grade point average certificate

4. Copy of an ID

5. Certificate of nostrification or recognition of foreign education

6. Certificate of previously completed study requirements

7. Motivational letter

8. Short CV with a bibliography

The Candidat also submit:

9.   Information of his choice of mentor (and eventual co-mentor), including the mentor's (and co-mentor's) agreement,

10. Information on the choice of the methodology course (Social science statistics or Optimization models in the public sector) chosen with mentor's agreement

11. The topic of the doctoral dissertation

12. The concept of the doctoral dissertation

13. The statement of Code of ethics University of Ljubljana

Recognition of foreign education for enrolment

Fees for doctoral study programmes

Information guide for international students

Co-funding for doctoral studies

Ethics in research