Reviewers Guidelines


1. The reviews help the editorial board to decide whether the manuscript should be considered for publication in the Central European Public Administration Review.

2. The reviews also help authors to recognise weaknesses and flaws in their manuscript and research and, in turn, prepare improved manuscript. The comments for the authors should try to be constructive, friendly, and specific. While we welcome strict comments and reviews, reviewers are encouraged to avoid being unnecessarily harsh on the authors. In particular, reviewers would avoid comments addressed to the authors directly, but rather address the content of the manuscript.

3. The reviewer is expected to check the journal's Aims and Scope and also whether the manuscript has been written in line with the Instructions for Authors, which are available on the journal website and in each printed copy of the journal. The reviewer can in no manner disseminate any article submitted to him or her for review, nor in any manner discuss it, except with the members of the editorial board of the Central European Public Administration Review.

4. The review process is double blind: the manuscript authors are not known to the reviewers, and the reviewer names are not revealed to the authors. The reviewers are being assigned by an editorial board member selected according to the manuscript topic.