Note from the Coordinator

Note from the President

Dear graduates, members of the Faculty of Administration Alumni Club,
The Alumni Club of the Faculty of Administration was founded in 2007 in honour of the Faculty’s 50th anniversary. Currently, the club has 2290 members from all corners of Slovenia who work in either the public or private sector.

The student years are the best time of one’s life, as we are well aware, and the aim of our efforts is to ignite that enthusiasm in our alumni as well. To this end, we will be preparing many events to connect the club members with their former classmates and professors. The events will bring added value to the Faculty in the form of new practice-based knowledge and to the alumni, who will relive the memories of their student days.

We hope that a group of people will form at these events who will cooperate both on projects in the scope of the Faculty and on external projects. Improvement of the public image of the Faculty of Administration, which has been badly distorted during the economic crisis, is in the best interest of us all.

As part of this effort, the Alumni Club will start using social media to implement and promote our activities and to extend the visitor base for our events. The official social media profiles of the Faculty of Administration will be used to publish photos and news from the events organised by the Club in collaboration with the Faculty of Administration.

The current primary objective of the Alumni club is to increase the cooperation and participation of our graduates under the auspices of the Faculty of Administration. With these meetings, we want to increase the interest in the science of administration and, if at all possible, to encourage ideas for improving the success and competitiveness of the Faculty of Administration and its alumni on the job market. I see you – our graduates with experiences on the job market – as the main source of information on this topic, since your personal experiences allow you to judge the strong points of the Faculty of Administration alumni, and where there is still room for improvement.

From graduation to success,
Matej Kirn
The Alumni Club President