Welcome Address Words by the Dean

Welcome Address Words by the Dean

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Public Administration, University of Ljubljana, where current and future students as well as other visitors can find essential information about our activities.

The Faculty of Public Administration is Slovenia's oldest organisation providing education in administration. Our mission is to pass on to students, knowledge based on the development of, and an interdisciplinary approach to, discoveries made in various fields, connecting national and international practice and applying findings to direct education and training. We embrace both individuals as well as institutions that share the ambition to use their ideas, vivacity and honesty in order to assist in the development of public and business administration and, consequently, society as a whole. It is our firm belief that progress can only be achieved through knowledge.

Today, more than ever before, public administration requires experts equipped with enough competence and intelligence, to be able to steer the development of administration science and expertise, and help influence the opinion of professionals home and abroad. We hope that through our work individuals eager for knowledge at the Faculty of Public Administration see us as an inspiration and a true support in their studies and in their personal, expert and professional growth. There are many options to choose from, i.e. study programmes as well as a wide range of educational and consulting programmes and research possibilities.

We hold national and international accreditations to attest to the quality of our work. We are the only Slovene faculty to be awarded Europe's most prestigious accreditation EAPAA for as many as three study programmes, on the first and second level of studies. Indeed, this is a symbol of our quality and excellence which we are particularly proud of. In addition, we also participate in several national and international projects, and are involved in some of the most eminent international professional associations. Our students and employees take part in various study exchange programmes while esteemed Slovene and foreign professors and experts visit our faculty.

As a member of the University of Ljubljana, the most prestigious Slovene university, the Faculty of Public Administration carries out the national programme of higher education and sets itself the highest goals in education and research. We are a proud and closely connected community of employees and external partners, students and graduates. We hope however to be able to collaborate with other individuals and institutions as well, such as students, higher education teachers, researchers and all other individuals with high personal and academic standards, who are always welcome at our faculty.

Come and visit us, broaden your knowledge, give us your opinion or maybe just help us in creating and developing our public administration programmes.
There's always room for new ideas.

Janez Stare, PhD, Associate Professor