Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision, Values


The Faculty of Public Administration is the junction point of the development of administrative science in the region (Central and Southeast Europe). It is an interdisciplinary source of knowledge concerning administration, gained through research, the integration of domestic and international practices, and the transfer of knowledge into education, counselling and training.


The Faculty of Public Administration attends to the development of administrative science. It is a source of knowledge, ideas and solutions related to the provision of excellence, the implementation of State functions and the related development of social welfare. Its quality educational, research, counselling and development work affects the development of the discipline and the formation of an opinion within the scientific community in the wider region (at home and abroad). Its graduates and students are able to face the challenges in the given area and make their contribution to the development of knowledge, science and the profession.

Strategic goal

To become the leading educational and research institution in administrative science in the region (Central and Southeast Europe) by 2020.



Excellence is understood as a process to provide the best terms and conditions for the operations, learning, development and increased competences of its employees and students (graduates). We promote broad cooperation with the best partners, realisation of the agreed goals and fair play. We provide the knowledge and opportunities to achieve excellence. We draw talents and individuals who perform with excellence, are open to new ideas, pay attention to development opportunities and are tolerant to other people's opinions.


Employees act responsibly, with personal integrity and a sense of belonging, which is also expected from all partners. When searching for what is the best for the institution and its future, we are committed to function economically and cooperate. In our work, we meet ethical standards and, if possible, surpass legal and professional standards. Responsibility is the motto of our actions in all fields. Accordingly, we motivate students and all other partners to adopt the same standards of ethical conduct. We have no tolerance for actions or conduct that is not in line with the principle of responsibility.


Together, we create an environment that promotes creative work. We build an atmosphere that puts forth ideas, engagement, knowledge and human potential. Development is focused on surpassing the old and changing for the better.

Academic freedom 

Academic freedom is the right and fundamental responsibility of teachers, researchers and students. It is most closely related to the search for a relationship with the world and society, and to the dissemination of knowledge deriving from scientific findings and fundamental experiences. It is realised through pedagogical, research and creative work that is subject to generally accepted ethical values and the values of the University of Ljubljana. The academic freedom of students is expressed in academic autonomy that binds students to meet their study requirements on their own initiative and act responsibly in line with the adopted ethical values and the values of the University of Ljubljana. Teacher autonomy means that teachers are free to perform their work within the scope of their curriculum and the goals set by the legislation. Autonomy is closely related with the responsibility to perform work and with the evaluation of the results achieved.