Development of the Faculty of Public Administration

Development of the Faculty of Public Administration

The Faculty of Public Administration joined the University of Ljubljana fairly recently but its tradition as an education institution goes far back in time. The School of Public Administration was established in 1956 and was converted into the University School of Public Administration in 1995. On 5 April 2003 it officially became the Faculty of Public Administration.

Today the Faculty carries out its mission of providing higher education in the field of administrative sciences , scientific research, development work, consulting, professional training of public employees, and international cooperation with research and education institutions. The main focus of its work involves the development of the following professional fields:

  • Public sector legislation and development
  • Public sector organisation
  • Public sector economics
  • Public finance
  • Public sector management
  • Public sector information systems and development of e-administration.

The Faculty continues to develop the existing programmes, while introducing new joint study programmes set up in cooperation with universities abroad. It has also introduced new forms of study, such as distance learning, teamwork and problem-based learning.

The Faculty is proud to run three study programmes that were accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation - EAPAA:

  • the postgraduate master study programme Administration accredited in 2008
  • the undergraduate study programme Administration accredited in 2011
  • the undergraduate study programme Public Sector Governance accredited in September 2011.