Three European accreditations by the EAPAA for the Faculty of Public Administration

The Faculty of Public Administration is proud to have received three European accreditations by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation – EAPAA which is the only European quality assurance authority in Public Administration. Achieving the EAPAA accreditation is an international mark of distinction. The programmes that meet the EAPAA high quality standards are:

  • the postgraduate master study programme Administration accredited in 2008
  • the undergraduate study programme Administration accredited in 2011
  • the undergraduate study programme Public Sector Governance accredited in September 2011.

“I am proud that three study programmes were awarded this prestigious European accreditation of quality. For me, this is the evidence that our work is excellent and that our study programmes are among the best European higher education study programmes in Public Administration. With this accreditation the Faculty of Public Administration enjoys a great reputation among competitive European institutions and professional organizations, and offers a solid stepping stone for our students and graduates to student exchange programmes and to success in the labour market.”

Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, Janez Stare, PhD, Full Professor