Development of the Pedagogical Qualification of Pedagogues

Manica Danko, MA and TESOL, CDPE president
The pedagogical competencies of higher education teachers and assistants is a requisite for the development of student competencies, as pedagogues can only share their knowledge and skills optimally if they are acquainted with the methods of a quality learning process, in addition to mastering their discipline. For this reason CDPE endeavours in particular to educate FA employees in foreign languages, to provide a knowledge map as a transfer of knowledge between employees, to establish inter-subject connections, pedagogical-didactic training for pedagogues, etc.

The pedagogical competencies:

- Žiga Kotnik, PhD, assistant

The student's competencies:

- Tatjana Kozjek, PhD, teaching assistant


- Tina Sever, PhD, assistant professor

- Lan Umek, PhD, assistant professor

Tutoring is a form of help for and development of students, which the University of Ljubljana is implementing and developing in several fields: introductory, course and scientific research tutorship, tutorship for new students, for students with special needs and for foreign students. CDPE coordinates the entire tutorship system at the FA.

Working with Students with Special Status:

- Bruno Nikolić, PhD, teaching assistant
FA endeavours to familiarise itself with the problems of students with special needs (students with disability in particular) and help them to overcome study obstacles by using a one-on-one approach, by organising meetings and by making sure that students with special needs are included in an active career life.

Extracurricular Activities:

- Mitja Durnik,
PhD, assistant professor
Several extracurricular activities (choir, sports activities, debate club, case study section, Administrative Consultancy) are traditionally active at the FA; with these, students primarily strengthen their social competencies in conjunction with the contents of FA study programmes.

Alumni Club:
The Alumni Club of the FA unites graduates of all the Faculty's study programmes. It provides a stimulating environment for maintaining a connection between graduates of the Faculty of Administration and teachers, assistants and partners of the Faculty. It enables the personal and professional development of individuals and organisations and promotes administrative knowledge and the achievements of its members within the Club's circle. It sees to the reputation of the profession and education provided by the FA and promotes the development of its educational and research activity.

Career Point:
Through Career Point students develop the professional and other competencies needed for easier employability in addition to participating in study programmes. CDPE organises various events to help students seek employment and develop their career.

The Students' Council Representatives:

Nika Felda
Zorica Gatarić

CDPE Office:

Nataša Svržnjak, BA