Center for Development of Pedagogical Excellence

Centre for the Development of Pedagogical Excellence

The Centre for the Development of Pedagogical Excellence (CDPE) was established by the Senate of the Faculty on 21st October 2009 with the aim of systematically ensuring the implementation and development of several fields that together comprise pedagogical excellence.

In doing so, it connects the mentioned fields on a strategic level, thus constantly improving the implementation of study programmes from one academic term to the next.
The following fields are included in CDPE:


  • (international) study programmes accreditations
  • (self)-evaluations of study programmes, including the carrying out of student polls;
  • cooperation agreements with partner organisations.


  • development of the pedagogical competencies of higher education teachers and assistants;
  • evaluation of the pedagogical work of higher education teachers and assistants.


  • tutorship
  • career point
  • students with special status
  • extra-curricular activities
  • Alumni Club
Alumni Club

Our Alumni Club is giving you an ideal opportunity to stay in touch with your collegues, teachers and partners of the FA.


Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities sensibly supplement and enrich studies at the Faculty and are primarily focused on skills acquisition and personal development of students, which can be helpful on your future career path.


Get help from the others or help other students by becoming a tutor. 

Special Status Students

Faculty of Administration is ready to addapt to your special needs or life situations.

Career Opportunities Office

Our Career Office will help you focus on your career and give you advice on your first employment.